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This 2010, I will...
1) Be thrifty.
- My parents just bought a new house! (YEY!) And we'll most likely move by summer. The parental units shelled out all our savings and loaned some bucks for this big, big investment. So, I need to exercise restraint from spending 'coz I can't always ask for money (well, at least for this year). My mom already has a lot of plans for the house, like new pieces of furniture and appliances and other stuff. And I think those are far more important stuff than the things I grab because of my impulsive buying skills. And honestly, I need to have savings. I ended 2009 with zero credit in my hand, and I even have loans! Itaga nyo sa bato, I will end 2010 with savings! :D

2) Lose weight.
- I hate holidays for one reason: Gaining weight! Ugh, as if losing all those pounds are as easy as getting them. I plan to lose 10-15 pounds. How? Well, I started my no-rice diet already which I'm planning to tandem with an after-six diet. And since I'm trying to save some money, then I'll just walk around campus instead of taking jeepney rides. Jogging is an option too. But I don't want to jog alone. Who wants to be my jogging partner?

3) Say no to academic mediocrity.
- This year, I will be academically excellent again! And by academically excellent, I mean have the University Scholar standing again. This entails, less cramming (ugh, less non-academic related Internet surfing too, I hope) and better time management, thus better outputs. :D Okay, I know this is a very nerdy item, but hey, I just want to finish college with a medal around my neck. :)

4) Not be single anymore!
- Okay? Okay. Kthnxbyemwah.

2010 will be a good year, I can feel it! :D


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