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To Erika Paola M. Migriño:
On this day, you can legally drink, smoke (though I know you don't and wouldn't even try) and buy sex and drugs in Amsterdam.

But more than being able to celebrate the satisfaction of your worldly needs, I think the real cause of today's celebration is the coming of age of your parents' loving daughter, Miko's older sister, CMC's hardworking vice chairperson, a very professional colleague to many, someone's partner-in-crime, and most of all, one of my amazing wizzes.

I seldom become cheesy, so tolerate me this one time.

God knows how thankful I am for having you as a friend. Looking back, I couldn't imagine spending the last three years without you to work with, to rant to, to laugh with/at, to cry on, to depend on or simply to talk to. Though relatively short as compared to our other close friends, I could say with confidence that our friendship could par with some other friendships we've had for a longer period of time.

Come to think of it, tayong dalawa ang may pinaka-tested na friendship. Like what I've said before, it's like we did everything to screw it up, but we're still here -- stronger than ever. And I want you to know that I treasure that fact a lot.

We've been through a lot and we've shared a lot (and when I say share, we both know it's more than just sharing moments together and exchanging girly stuff *wink*). Actually, right now, I miss spending time with you. We're not together as much as we used to. It's like withdrawal from a drug (LOL). Alam kong mahirap lunukin for the both of us ang mala-LDR na konsepto sa'tin dahil sanay na sanay tayong laging magkadikit. At alam kong galit na galit tayo sa fact na we have to schedule when to see and hang out with each other.

But despite our minimal time together, I want you to know that I'm still here for you, whether you need me or not. I'm a mere text, call, IM, wall-to-wall or a shout-out away.

On your 21st birthday, I wish you the fulfillment of all of your heart's desire, peace of mind, motivation to work and a ready-for-binding-thesis quality. :)



PS. This is the reason I wasn't greeting you the whole day! :)

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I love you, wiz! Thank you :>

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