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Good Riddance!

I can’t fully express how ecstatic I am that this semester is finally over! At last, I can look forward to starting anew next semester.

One word to describe the semester that was: CHAKA. It was a semester of never ending work and stress. Not to mention that it was topped with the disaster brought by Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. How’s that for a first semester?

OMG, I forgot! It was also a semester of DRAMAS - some good, most are not. Some of it was fun to watch as it unfolds, others, you just want to get over with. But, I won’t divulge, they are not my drama to tell. Somehow, I just got dragged into the complicated scene.

So, moving on…

Academically speaking, this semester was not my best. Probably even my worst. Some courses are fun, some just breezed through, and I just hate some. This is the only semester that I didn’t have a favorite subject - as in a course I put more effort into, a course I look forward to. I don’t know why, as a whole, I had good professors this semester. I got the most recommended ones but somehow, I didn’t enjoy nor appreciate their styles. Maybe because, I’ve had more reasonable (and more fair) ones in the past.

It’s pretty difficult to generalize this semester. So let’s evaluate per course and the professor that comes with it…

BC 102 (Radio Performance) - At the start of this semester, I was dreading this course. I was no performer, I know that, and this was a performance class! Not to mention, the professor that comes with this course was slightly intimidating (verging scary) at first. But towards the end, the subject I dreaded the most turns out to be the one I enjoyed the most! :) And I learned a lot from this course. If before, I was no performer at all, at least now, I can perform. It’s a bonus that Sir Brian loved our variety show (and the trailer part of it which is basically Rix’s and my baby). To all my ka-Femme-ly, I enjoyed this whole semester working with you. Kudos! :)

CommRes 101 (Introduction to Communication Research) - The root of all stress, this subject is! So is the professor that comes with this! The end. Kidding. In fairness to this subject, despite all the stress and frustration and dramas it brought, I think it served its purpose. I feel more prepared to face thesis phase now (or not). And in fairness to this subject, it’s the reason for all those fun and sabaw weekends that my groupmates and I had. The professor… I can’t really say if she live to her reputation, but she’s okay. The fruits of our labors for this subject were released already. Truth be told, I’m not satisfied with it as I’m not satisfied with the partial grades she’s been giving us for the past few submissions. But, keri lang, pwede nang pagtyagaan. To Team Philippines, can’t ask for better groupmates. Our sleepovers were always fun. I love you guys.

BC 121 (TV Production and Direction) - The subject the looked forward to before this semester even started. “TV at last!” I’ve been a very visual person since Day 1 and I really thought that television was my medium. But… this course was a let down. I felt I was not able to maximize it and I was not able to give my 100% to this subject.  Sayang. I took this course for granted. But the fault was not all on me. I really didn’t not like how this course was handled. For one, it’s not technical enough and one wouldn’t appreciate it that while you’re directing you’re prod, someone behind you is shouting “FADE SOUND AND VISION!” Oh well… to this course and prof, kthnxbye.

MPs 171 (Pagsulat ng Tula)  - I got the best possible professor to teach this course, sadly, given everything that has happened in past semester, this was not my priority. Yes, I took this course for granted nang bonggang-bongga. Sayang. If I had taken it earlier, I would’ve appreciated it more and I would’ve exerted a little more effort. Sorry, that’s all I can say.

BC 103 (Writing for Radio) - I thought this subject is easy. I thought this subject will just pass by. I thought wrong. I knew this subject is boring. I knew that the professor for this subject is good and doesn’t give high grades. I was right. And goodness! The stress from this course would rank second! But despite that, there are things I learned from this course: treatment, concept, and BIZ. :)) And another one, I learned to appreciate a ceiling grade! :)) Just like what Diana said in her blog, to Sir Jun, a 1.75 is 1.0, a 2.0 is a 1.25 and so on.

Comm 120 (Media Law) - I love this course! Despite the stress, the low grades I’m getting, I still love this course because I know I’m learning. This is the class where I entered I knew I was dumb, but I came out knowing new stuff. And I have a super adorable (teddy bear-like) professor! Who wouldn’t love this course? :))

That was my semester… academically.

Non-academically speaking, this semester is full of SECRETS. These secrets weren’t mine, they were just there for me to keep. But these secrets bring drama! Lots of it! But despite the drama, these secrets brought something good too. Keeping secrets made me closer to some people. Talking about someone else’s secret to other people who also knew the secret made me closer to some other people. And helping me set those secrets free made my bond stronger with my core group. :)

One of the most important realizations I had this semester: yes, the truth really sets you free. But now that we’re free, what happens next?

That’s what next semester is for.

xoxo. :)

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