'Cause it's not always what you see is what you get.

Writer's Block: Worrisome
What is your biggest worry right now?
"What ARE your biggest WORRIES right now?"


There is that thesis for my Introduction to Communication Research class. There are DJ and drama productions for my Radio Performance class (though, the drama's due on a later date pa naman). There are music video and drama productions for my TV Production and Direction class. There's the never ending list of poems to write and public reading for my Malikhaing Pagsulat class. There are feature/documentary and drama scripts required for my Writing for Radio class. The list of cases to be read for my Media Law class never ends. AND! There's still MCO Box Office left for SET before my team hibernates for the rest of the sem. :((

How will I fit everything? Suddenly having 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is not yet enough.


This is THE event for SET every year. It's my first (and probably the last) time to organize this event. I really don't know what to expect. I just pray that everything will go well later.

Lord, (I may not call on you always, but when I do, I really mean it) help us.

Does the end justify the means?

A couple of weeks back, I got really sick -- really sick that I had to miss classes. After that, I've been having constant migraines and just a week ago, I dunno what happened but I kept throwing up everything I've eaten. I guess it's psychosematic (a term I got from BC 102 last night, all thanks to Eunice Braga). The term means having physical manifestations of what you're feeling inside. So I guess all those migraine and throwing up show that stress is really piling up that I couldn't handle it anymore.

Anyway, gladly the puking spells last only a few days but after that, I began to lose appetite everytime I don't feel well. Since the puking spells happened, my friends would kid me that I'm becoming anorexic or bulemic because I'm already scared of eating! :)) I'm not scared of eating, okay? I'm scared that I might only throw it up! And I guess, everyone knows and dislikes the feeling of throwing up! Having your stomach turn like a washing machine and your most recent meal climbing back up your esophagus is not really a very enjoyable sensation, right?

Okay, moving on. I had this shorts that I wore during the MCO Night, which was two weeks ago. The shorts were newly tailor-made then, so it fitted me perfectly during MCO Night. Only yesterday, I wore this shorts again and I noticed that it kept falling off. And then, I checked it and turns out it's maluwag na! Like more or less two inches ang niluwag nung shorts, okay?!

I flipped. Nagulat ako na ganun kabilis akong pumayat, k? I mean, yeah, I want to lose those extra pounds but that fast?! :o So, I must say, this stress diet I'm on is really effective! I suggest you try it too -- all you need to do is have 3 units of CommRes101 under Ma'am Aguila, 3 units of BC 102 under Sir Tibayan, 3 units of BC 103 under Sir Jun, a never ending pile of work, sleepless nights and voila, in two weeks, you'll lose weight. LOL. Kidding only.

I don't know how to feel about it really. I really don't have the time to dwell on it. :)) If stress is causing me to lose weight, fine. I don't mind that. But if stress is causing me to throw up and then, lose weight... I'm minding that a bit. Hahaha. Sabaw.

Oh well. Bahala na. Basta, I'll survive this sem -- not only academically, but as in I'll come out this sem alive -- that's fine by me. :))

Once upon a time...

There was this BroadComm professor touring a bunch of clueless freshmen around their new home in this prestigous university.  She was giving tips to the freshmen about productions, a word that was then far-fetch to the unknowing students. Then she said, "There's no room for mediocrity [here]."

It was a very intimidating challenge. But a young girl took it to her heart that she'll take on the challenge -- no matter how difficult it is. She promised that her happily ever after in the college would equate to not settling for anything less than the best.

A semester ago, she thought she found the right track to her happy ending. The more she walked on the path, the more she convinced herself that she's on the right direction.

But barely three years after that BroadComm professor posed the challenge, the young girl fell into a well. While threading the waters, she is having unwelcomed thoughts.

She thinks the path is lost.
She thinks she's settling.
She thinks she's not giving her all.
She thinks she's not pushing herself enough.
She thinks she's falling short of her own expectations.
And apparently, it's not only her own expectations that she's failing to meet...

She's thinking she cannot rise from this pit of mediocrity that she fell in.
She's becoming hopeless.

Will she be forever stuck in this pit? Is her path really lost?

The girl's dying to find out the answers.

Writer's Block: My Day in 17 syllables.
Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.
My girl crush once said,
"You have to move on from it."
That's what I'll do now.


Some viewers prefer local primetime teleseryes. Some prefer Hollywood television series. Some prefer Latino series. And there are those who prefer watching original (undubbed, translated through subtitles) Asian television series.

I am part of the minority who prefer the original Asian series.

I really enjoy watching them 'coz the plots are much lighter and more realistic, and maybe the lack of physical contact (uhm, which is very opposite to the Western/Philippines' concept of love=physical contact/sex) adds to the kilig factor which makes the series more enjoyable to watch.

And I really hate it when local television stations buy the rights of a certain Asian series and then localize it (by localize, I don't only mean the use of local actors, but also alter the plot to the point that the original plot of the series is lost already). I think the local adaptations lose this certain touch that made the original series click when the original one was aired here. And I also think that local adaptations are pathetic on so many levels. If the adaptation was loyal to the plot of the original version, is it just a waste of production money to make something that the viewers have already seen before? And if the adaptation's plot was altered, why not make a new and original drama instead of banking on the name and popularity of an earlier show? And I really don't believe that we, Filipinos, can't write a good TV series to the point that we have to adapt storylines from foreign TV series.

But lately, it's not only the Philippines who's making adaptations. Japan made their version of Hana Kimi months after Taiwan's version of Hana Kimi gained high ratings. Taiwan's Meteor Garden has a Japanese counterpart, Hana Yori Dango and recently, the hit Korean adaptation, Boys Over Flowers.

Just yesterday, I read that Taiwan's making their version of Full House (starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo)! From the news, it's a joint production a by Mainland station and a station in Taiwan. And guess who's the lead guy? Wu Chun! Yeah, he's the good looking dude from Hana Kimi (Taiwan), Romantic Princess and Hot Shot. But c'mon people, give the dude a different role -- a role that'll not only flaunt his good looks, nor his good body or his amazing basketball skills, but really get him acting! C'mon, it's the best that he can do among everything the showbiz industry demands from him. I mean, he's not a great singer, most definitely not a good dancer, so acting's the only place he can fit in, so please, give him a role that'll bring out his so-called "potential". He's getting overrated already! =)) And the female lead is unknown to me. So parang whatever! 

And just a few days ago, while I was watching TV, I was effing shocked when GMA7 aired the teaser of their version of Korea's Full House as well! No offense to the Kapusos out there, but I've seen foreign TV series adapted by GMA, and I can say that the adaptations don't come out good -- not good to the point that I think the adaptations become parody of the original versions, case in point, All About Eve, Marimar (for crying out loud!), etc.

OMG! I love the original Full House! I wonder how will GMA destroy alter the plot to "fit it for the demands of the Filipino viewers"? And Richard Guttierez as lead? Oh. I dunno. Yeah, the dude looks good on TV... he can make his tears fall on cue and he gets to kiss a lot of good-looking girls, so I guess that's called acting already. But what's bothering even more is that I've read that more probably, it's Marian Rivera who's going to act along side with Richard Guttierez as co-lead! Parang WHUT?! :O

Oh well. I don't have the luxury of time to watch TV anyway.

Have all the stories been told already that's why they resort to adapting?
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At First Glance...

Junior year has officially begun.

So far, I have met all except two of my professors for this semester. So far, none of them are tagged as one of the "crazies" -- professors who are really good but have serious attitude disorders. Though, I've been hearing mixed reviews about them, the positive ones are still at the winning end. So, so far, so good.

After meeting some of them for the first time, well, it can't be helped that they leave quite strong first impressions on me. And here are some of them:

Mr. Brian Tibayan
- He caused quite a hype among some of my batchmates. :)) Maybe, it's the similarity with Sir Reev. Maybe it's his credentials (with his, no one seems more credible to teach BC 102). Or maybe, it's his I've-heard-it-somewhere-but-I-can't-really-place-it, DJ-ish and very-pleasant-to-the-ears voice. Or maybe, it's the combination of all. After meeting him, I can say that he's not presko, he's just confident, or maybe, a little too confident even. :)) But it seems like he knows what he's doing and that's enough to get me excited coming to his class. I think it's another story if I can do well in this class 'coz really, I'm not the voice talent material, I prefer producing and directing.

Ms. Lisa Justiniani
- She looks mabait but she doesn't look like a technical person. She said so herself, she's more of a performer. So, I'm quite uncertain about her and how she'll handle our TV production and direction class. But, she's been teaching for a long time already and some feedbacks on her are relatively good, so I think I'll learn. OMG. I HAVE to learn! I've been looking forward to this course since the day I wrote BA Broadcast Communication on the UPCAT form! I really HAVE to learn!

Prof. Reuel Aguila
- This is not the first time I've been under the guidance of THE Reuel Aguila. I will forever be intimidated by his sheer genius in writing in Filipino, which is like my greatest weakness. Before, it was writing plays. Now, it's writing poems. Okay, now I face a greater challenge.

Prof. Jun Austria
- Okay. I was expecting him to be my professor to some production class so I was really surprised to know that he'll be handling our Writing for Radio class. Though I'm not complaining at all because the only bad thing I'm hearing about him is his bad smoking habit. Ang lakas nyang magyosi, sobra! But when he said he used to write radio ads, OMG, all hints of doubt vanished! Radio ads? C'mon, it's like my "specialty". So, I'm really super excited about this course and how he'll handle it! :D

Okay, I have yet to meet Prof. Rafael Khan tomorrow for Media Law class. I'm very intrigued with this dude. By the mere fact that his second name is HANNIBAL is intriguing enough. :))

And on Tuesday, hopefully, Prof. Almond Aguila's quarrantine period (she's from Canada) is already over and I can get my first taste of Communication Research.

OMG. Third year, let's so get it on!

'Cause I'm bored like this.

grabbed from Rix.
Okay, since I'm in my fan girl/Asian drama geek mode, yung playlist na tumutugtog ngayon, puro kanta ng favorite kong Asian girl group. :D

1.Put your iPod (or MP3 player, iTunes, etc.) on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing the note as well as the person you got the note from.

If someone says "is this okay" you say?
Wo Men Zen Me Le (What Happened to Us?) - S.H.E
I don't understand what happened to our love. After the storm, we don't have anything left.
So... =)) I guess it's a no. Wala naman akong love life eh! =))

What would best describe your personality?
Luo Da Huo (Heavy Rain) - S.H.E
Even though there's a rain of sadness is pouring outside, I'll stand by your side and give you warmth.
- Ayy! This I like. :D Sweet pala ako.

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Nu Er Dang Zi Qiang (When a Girl Strives to be Independent) - S.H.E
Oh please, tears are not diamonds. They'll not make you rich if you cry non-stop.
- Yes, I like strong and independent... girls?! :o =))

What is your life's purpose?
Suo Zhu Shi Jian (Locked in Time) - S.H.E
When we're together, time stops. Making happy memories of you and me.
- Yun talaga ang purpose ko, make happy memories. :D

What is your motto?
I've Never Been to Me (Cover) - S.H.E
I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.
- So, self-discovery ang motto ko sa buhay? Well, yeah. Sort of.

What do your friends think of you?
An Quan Gan (Sense of Security) - S.H.E
If you have no sense of security, hold onto me tightly. Your trust in me will be our safety.
- So they think I'm trustworthy? :) Thank you very much.

What do you think about very often?
Lai Bu Ji (Too Late) - Hebe
Not enough time to turn back to old wounds. We have to move forward. We don't have enough time, the world waits for no one.
- Ay! Bakit swak?! =))

What is 2+2?
Hua Duo Kai Hao Le (The Flowers Have Bloomed) - S.H.E
Colors have become brighter, the air is fresher, all the flowers have bloomed. Now that you're mine and I'm yours.
- Parang ang nasagot nito 1+1 eh. Hindi 2+2. Labo.

What do you think of your best friend?
Yi Qi Kai Shi De Lu Cheng (The Journey We Embarked Together) - S.H.E
Since you've become a part of my life, the possibilities of the future become endless. Thank you for accompanying me in this journey. Without you, my life would have been lonely.
- Mismo! :D

What do you think of the person you like?
Ai Ne (Where's Love?) - S.H.E
Where's your love? Where are you?
- Tama! Nasaan ka?! =)) Magpakita ka para may love life na ako! =))

What is your life story?
Super Model - S.H.E
Smile. Walk gracefully. No need to open your mouth. With your confidence, people's eyes won't leave you. The streets are your catwalks.
- I love it! :)) I live a super model life. :))

What do you think when you see the person you like?
Chang Xiang Si (Love Sick) - S.H.E
The moment we hug seems longer the days that we're apart.
- Ay! Emo? :))

What do your parents think of you?
Mo Li (Magical Power) - S.H.E
I have you to be with. Everything will be easy.
- This is sweet. :D Kahit na bitchesa akong anak. :D

What will you dance to at your wedding?
Xin Wo (New Home) - S.H.E with Fahrenheit
Get your luggage ready. My heart will be your new home. It may not be spacious, but it's just enough for you and me.
- Sweet only. :D

What will they play at your funeral?
Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) - S.H.E
I love you and I dare to go with you, even if the future holds the unknown. I love you and I want to be close with you, to protect you forever.
- Natawa ako dun sa may "forever" eh. Parang may pagmumulto na magaganap. But yeah. I'll really play this. It's a touching song as  a whole.

What is your hobby/interest?
Tong Kuai (Elated) - S.H.E
Go and love to the fullest. Don't be afraid to be hurt. Go and face what life has given us. Every day's an adventure I wouldn't dare miss.
- Ang ganda namang hobby nito. Bet ko. :D

What is your biggest secret?
Super Star - S.H.E
Take my spirit with you. What's the point of keeping it if all it wants is to be with you?
- Yeah. If I love someone, todo-todo. Not much of a secret though. :))

What do you think of your friends?
Tian Shi Zai Chang Ge (When the Angels Sing) - S.H.E
Let the angels sing everytime I'm lonely. I need something to make my heart feel warmer. Let the angels sing everytime I'm tired and let me feel that someone cares.
- I remember reading once, "friends are visible guardian angels." So yeah, they really are.

What's the worst thing that could happen?
Lian Ren Wei Man (Not Yet Lovers) - S.H.E
We're more than friends but not yet lovers. There's definitely this feeling, but we're afraid to face it. Our hearts are in this bitter-sweet waiting.
- Hmmm. MU is the worst thing that could happen? I dunno, keri lang sa'kin MU eh. =))

How will you die?
An Jing Le (It's Quiet) - S.H.E
You said "I love you" too many times that it's drowning you.
- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. =)) So, ang pagiging play girl ko ang papatay sa'kin?! As if I've had many relationships already! =))

What is the one thing you regret?
Yes, I love you. - S.H.E
Have you heard my cries of "love you, love you, yes, I love you?"
You didn't ask me anything, so what can I reply?
- Obviously, hindi lang tayo nagkarinigan. Baka mahina ang signal or nakaRedMobile ka. =))

What makes you laugh?
Hao Ren You Hao Bao (A Good Person Deserves a Hug) - S.H.E
Good people deserve a hug. You're an angel so no need to worry, love will come naturally.
- Huh?!

What makes you cry?
Shuo Ni Ai Wo (Say You Love Me) - S.H.E
If saying you love me has become an obligation, then there's no need to accompany me.
- Ay yes. Heartaches make people cry.

Will you ever get married?
Wu Yue Tian (A Day in May) - S.H.E
Looking at your gentle eyes while your playing the guitar. The lyrics are your promises and the melody is our attachment.
- So, I guess yes. At may date na sinasuggest yung kanta, k?! HAHAHAHA. Though, it'll be sweet if my groom will sing for me.

What scares you the most?
Huo Niao (Migrating Birds) - S.H.E
Your love flies far, like a migrating bird. Leaving the cold land to look for a different warmth.
- Ang emo laaang! But yeah, I don't want to be left behind. Gusto ko ako yung nang-iiwan! =))

Does anyone like you?
Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou (Thank You for Your Gentleness) - S.H.E featuring Fahrenheit
But what can I give you? I'm just someone she left behind.
- Hmmm. I guess, yeah, someone likes me, but he's hesitating pa?! LOL. =))

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Yan Hai Gong Lu De Chu Kou (Coastal Highway Exit) - S.H.E
Why do I still care about the warmth I can never have?
- I should have moved on faster. LOL. =))

What hurts right now?
Always on My Mind - S.H.E
You're always on my mind.
- In short, sakit ka sa ulo! LOL. =))

What will you post this as?
Watch Me Shine - S.H.E
Only a person who knows how to appreciate me deserves me. Now, you watch me shine.
- Parang nagbabanta only. :))

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I can't imagine a better way of ending my summer.
This is a late post of everything that had happened to my most memorable summer get-away to date. Well, I think even when I'm at the end of my life, this outing will still be one of the best. :D

May 27, 2009, Wednesday
Call time was 8am at Jollibee Philcoa. I met up with Rachel at around 7:30am, somewhere near my place. We couldn't catch a cab inside the village so we took a jeep and decided that it'll be easier to catch a cab at palengke. But when we're there already, we were like, "Where have all the cabs gone?" And then, at around 7:40, Rix texted something like, "Guys, where are you na? Sir Reev and I are here already here." So I replied, "Wow! Excited! Ang aga!" And she replied, "Feeling ko kasi parang prod ito eh. Bawal malate!" And Rachel and I were like, "Oh no girl! This is so not a prod! This is like a vacay!" Rachel and I got stressed nang bonggaly!

A few minutes later, Rachel and I got a cab. We arrived at Jollibee at exactly 8am, so we ain't late! :)) When we got there, Rix had breakfast while waiting for Gen. And then, Gen arrives and ate her breakfast, and we're off to Tagaytay.

Okay, the conversation all throughout the trip can only be described by one word: sabaw! But that's fine, sabaw is fun! :))

FIRST STOP: Tagaytay Picnic Grove
We ziplined here! Not the typical zipline where you're standing or sitting down, we did it Superman style! :D Rix and Gen went first, then followed by Rachel and I, and Sir Reev was last! It was so much fun! But it was bitin, k?! Since we can't afford to go two-way zipline, we hiked back to our starting point. It was so hot! I was sweating profusely after the hike! But it was keri. :D

SECOND STOP: Leslie's Restaurant
This is a beautiful place. It's a restaurant overlooking Taal Volcano. So we ordered their famous bulalo which tasted like corned beef, tortang talong which tastes different from other tortang talong I've tasted and pinakbet. And then, while eating, Rix's friend texted her saying that CRS results were out already! We panicked, okay?! As usual, I'm not a CRS baby. Got 9 units, and still lacked 9 units more. Oh well, we moved on fast. It was such a fun day to be ruined only by CRS. :))

And then, there was this incident with Sir Reev and the pocket of his shorts! He didn't believe that his pocket has a hole already despite the number of times his coins fell off! Kinailangan pa nyang kapain yung bulsa nya at isuot yung daliri nya dun sa butas, k?!  Sabaw only.

THIRD STOP: Sonya's Garden
Since it was too early to go to Enchanted Kingdom, we stopped by here and did a photoshoot! :D It was a nice place really! Pretty pretty place. :D

I'm really happy that we passed by this place because this is where I've got my first entry for that ASEAN biodiversity photography contest that I'm planning to join. :D

FOURTH STOP: Bag of Beans
Sir Reev said we need to pass by this restaurant before heading to EK because he needs to buy some cups. So we did. And then, Sir Reev also said that they serve delicious cakes. So why miss the chance to try their cakes? So we tried their blueberry cheesecake. It was super delicious, k? It was heaven! A sweet tooth's delight! :D

The place has a pretty good ambiance too. I really like the relaxed feel of the whole place. "Good date place" daw, sabi ni Sir Reev and that the place looks better at night. Okay, one day, I'll come back to this place for a date. :))

FIFTH STOP: Enchanted Kingdom
Okay, we did a lot here. First was the 4D Theater Experience. It was a 3D film with a little more touch to the senses. It was first time for me to experience a 3D film and it was cool. Well, the 4D experience makes it cooler. Next was the Dodgem. OMG! Bump cars! It was Rachel's first time to ride bump cars, and it was fail because our turn was cut short because of the heavy rain! FAAAIL. :| So, we waited for over an hour for the rain to stop and for the rides to be open again ('coz everything was shut down due to possible electrical whatever). While waiting for the rides to open again, we discovered Rachel's hidden talent! :)) And Sir Reev was so frustrated that he can't do it too. :)) Oh well, and then the rides opened again. And we went for another round at Dodgem. After that, may "pinatulan" kaming roller coaster, which name's I already forgot, just for the sake of having a "speed thrill." But after our first turn, turns out the ride has "height thrill" too, so we rode it again!

Since we're on the roll already, we rode thrilling rides next. We rode Anchor's Away next, where Gen and I almost died! LOL. Nasa dulo kasi kami ni Gen! Kaya nanlambot kami nang bonggs, keri?! After that, we rode Jungle Log Jam (I told ya, we're on a roll!). Okay, since we're only 5, Rachel and I we're together in one log and Sir, Rix and Gen were in another. During the ride, Rachel was talking non-stop. It was obvious that she's very nervous and that she's not enjoying the ride one bit! LOL. When we were near the free fall part of the ride and saw another log fell, she kept saying, "Oh my God girl! That's gonna us!" She like kept saying that! And then when we were about to fall, she shouted, "OMG. We're gonna die!" All her talking made me more nervous, k?! But in the end, it was still fun and all good!

Sabaw moment # 09383483 for the day. After getting wet in Jungle Log Jam, we went inside the Rialto which was very cold! Wala lang, "pinatulan" lang namin ulit. At nagpahilo lang kami! LOL. And then we went to Rio Grande Rapids where we got even wetter, especially Gen and I! OMG. Like we're dripping wet after the ride! And then, of course, we won't miss the Grand Carousel, even for picture purposes only! Nahilo lang kami, lalo na si Sir Reev. LOL. And then after that, we were so tired and dizzy already that we didn't ride the Ferris Wheel. So, after all the rides, we changed clothes and decided to call it a day.

SIXTH STOP: Rix's Place
Due to budget restraints, we decided earlier to eat dinner at Rix's place since Rachel and I were sleeping over, Gen lives near and Sir Reev can commute from there. :))

So, after dinner, Sir Reev saw Rix's piano and we jammed! OMG. Sir Reev plays really good! He can play by ear! OMG. I'm really envious, yes, I can play the piano, but I cannot play by ear and I don't play as good as him! I miss playing the piano na tuloy! So we started jamming around 11pm and ended around 1am!

May 28, 2009, Thursday
Still at Rix's place
Well, basically it's Thursday. Since it's very late already and it's dangerous to go home, Gen called her place to tell that she's sleeping over. A little later, Sir decided to sleep over too, since he couldn't get any transportation at that late hour already.

A little later, Rix and I raided Mico's (Rix's brother) closet for some clothes that Sir Reev can borrow, since we can notice that he's really uncomfortable with his dirty clothes already. So, all of us took our turns in the bathroom to clean up and prepared for bed.

At around 2:30 am, we said good night to Sir Reev who'll be sleeping in the guest room, while Rix, Gen, Rachel and I were sleeping in Rix's room. But we really fell asleep around 4am already because all of us were so talkative! :))

We woke up around 6:20 am because Gen and Sir Reev were supposedly leaving by 7am. So around 6:30, Rix and I knocked at Sir's door. When he opened the door, it was a priceless sight! Sir Reev in his groggiest state! And then a little later, he stood by Rix's door and mumbled something and all of us were like, "Sir?" at least three times because we don't get what he was saying. It was really sabaw and funny!

And then we went down to eat breakfast, akala ko mabilis lang ang agahan, but no! Inabot kami ng mga 10am na! So it was decided that all of us will leave at 3pm, since no one is in the mood to leave yet! So, tengga mode.

When I reached home, I was really tired that I sleeped only!

But this experience was so much fun! I'm so glad I didn't miss it! Everything was very worth it! :D Bonding with BC 101.F people just bring a different kind of fun. :D

May 29, 2009, Friday

Okay, this is Blockbuster day. Araw naming paborito... Friday!

An almost complete attendance, except for CJ. :( CJ, you were missed.

It's been a long time since we ate lunch together, so I really enjoyed this lunch. Kwentuhan at kulitan, as usual. After lunch, we went to Dairy Queen where it's the first time we're eating here together, well some are really their first time to try this. And Jenny treated us! It's for her 19th birthday celebration! OMG. She's 19 already! OMG. We're getting old! :))

We were about to go to my place, I remembered I have coupons for free studio pictures. Even though studio pictures are so outdated already, we still did it! It was fun still though! :)) And the pictures turned out pretty good too! :))

After getting our pictures, we went to my place already!

We played Dance Dance Revo! It was so much fun! No words really, but there are just too much laughter! :))

And we have sabaw moments too!

How to play Dance Dance Revo, according to Jenny:
Tapakan mo nang ma-HARD yung arrows sa dance pad pag tumapat na yung arrows sa screen! :))

And then, we ate spaghetti and watched BOF together! It was so much fun! And we just laughed and caught up with each other! :))

I really needed this break before this year starts! I'm so happy everything happened.

Blockbuster, I missed you. BC 101.F, I'll see more of you guys soon! :))

I'm sorry.
I know I became busy... too busy to even spare the tiniest bit of time for you, guys.

Maybe there's a bad side for finding my niche to this new place and feel good about it... too good that I forgot how is it to spend time with you, guys.

I know that sometimes, I forget to do my part in maintaining this long-distance relationships, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you, guys.

Believe it or not.

I miss you all terribly. Alam kong marami na akong utang sa inyo. I'll be paying those debts soon. Pero sana naman, walang magtatampo. May nabalitaan ako, I didn't like the sound of it. I cried after I heard it. T_T

I miss you. Though I'm not praying for everything to go back to before. I like the way I am right now. I just pray for more time to spend with you, guys, 'coz heaven knows how happy I am every time I get to spend time with you.

I miss you. I may meet and be close to new people, but you still have the top spot.

I miss you. I love you.



I made this How Well Do You Know Me? quiz on Facebook.
My friend, Nash, said that one of the answers I said in the quiz was different from what I told them quite some time before.
I just shrugged.
And then, she said, "Oh well. People change. They update with time, like anti-viruses."
It was a simple funny comment.

But now, thinking about it, I realized, yeah, I'm different from before.
How? I cannot really say.
But there's one thing sure, Alexis is not version 1.00 anymore.

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